Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Doherty swings out of jail. Again.

Who knew that Pete Doherty would swerve out of jail one more time?

This time, he managed to get sentencing pushed back until October 2nd by pledging to enter "voluntary residential rehab".

His lawyer, Sean Curran, claims Doherty is doing well:

"I think he's quite serious. He's asked to go in and he's still there so he's trying," Curran told The Mirror.

... before repeating "Denny Crane" over and over again.

A cynical observer might wonder if this sudden desire to try, once again, residential rehab is less about a genuine desire to kick drugs, and more a genuine desire to avoid being sentenced to time in prison. Still, we're sure everyone will get the option to exercise the chance to go away for a little holiday instead of being sentenced for offence after offence. "Sorry, your honour, my client has elected to go for a week to Minehead Butlins instead of answering these robbery charges..."