Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Madonna gets a new case worker

The controversial Penstone Kilembe, who may or may not have accepted an airline ticket from Madonna, has been replaced as the Malawian official due to visit London to assess Madonna and Guy's fitness to appoint a nanny to look after David Banda.

Simon Chisale is now going to do the job, although that comes as news to Penstone:

Mr Kilembe, who returned to Malawi on Monday after attending a conference in the US, said he had not heard of the move and denied any wrongdoing.

"I am not aware of these developments. I have just arrived from New York and nobody from my office has told me anything. I will be in the office tomorrow," he said.

Oh, dear. Penstone has been out of the loop. There isn't going to be an office tomorrow:
In an affidavit presented to the court, child welfare officials said Mr Kilembe was leaving the ministry and "moving on to a new posting", but did not go into detail.

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