Monday, September 10, 2007

Kanye: MTV VMAs don't care about black people

Kanye West didn't take rejection by the MTV Awards with good grace:

"That's two years in a row, man ... give a black man a chance," West said, stomping around his entourage and directing his comments at a reporter. "I'm trying hard man, I have the ... number one record, man." West said he never will return to MTV.

You'd have thought that Kanye would see not being fawned over by the VMAs as some sort of badge of honour. He could have stayed away next year to be aloof from a confused applause from Viacom. Instead, if he doesn't turn up, he'll just look like a poor loser.


James said...

Bloody hell. Didn't he have a strop last year too, invading the stage when Justice Vs Simian beat him to Best Video? If I was working at MTV, I think I'd purposely start nominating him for everything from now on, just to see what he does next time.

I'm not even sure why he gets so worked up about it. It's only the MTV Awards, after all. At the risk of sounding like my dad (who was always more of a Kerrang TV man), maybe a few years ago they'd be worth getting dressed up for. But these days, MTV seems to see pop videos as something to fill in the gaps between repeats of Punk'd.

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