Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kate Moss Kills

Virginia Wheeler over at The Sun claims that:

KATE MOSS has finally ditched druggie ex PETE DOHERTY for good — to date a VEGAN rocker.

Oh, really? In other words, she was out drinking with James Ince from The Kills.

Virginia helpfully provides a checklist of how different Ince is from Doherty:
Jamie, 34, of Hampshire, is not thought to have any criminal convictions, has described himself as a “chain-smoking vegan” and “introverted” and was named in the world’s top ten sexiest vegetarians in a poll this year.

On the other hand, Ince might seem to most people to be exactly like Kate's usual boyfriends, what with the being in a band and all.


Anonymous said...

from one drab band to another....

Laura Brown said...

But, but ... a VEGAN! As if a heroin addict weren't bad enough!

At least their dinner dates should go well, since he only eliminates slightly fewer food groups than she does.

Paul said...

"chain smoking vegan"?

So, no animals should be killed for your benefit, but harming those around you with passive smoking is OK?

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