Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kershaw arrested near Peel

The somewhat protracted absence of Andy Kershaw from Radio 3 - there was some muttering about him being "unwell" but then Lucy Durans' stewardship of the Monday-night programme seemed to be turning into a permanent residency - might be getting a bit more protracted yet: he's been detained on the Isle of Man for allegedly breaching a restraining order designed to prevent him going near the home of his former partner, Juliette Banner.

Andy has been remanded in custody pending a hearing this Tuesday.


eyetie said...

Andy, if you're reading this from chokey, all the best. You're one of the few DJs to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Well he needs to start "making a difference" in his behaviour. I have great respect for his knowledge about music (there are some gaps, but what he knows he knows thoroughly) but spend half an hour in his company and you'll realise how bad he is at social interaction.

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