Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kylie: Warts and all - but only the cute warts

To be honest, "star edits fly-on-the-wall documentary to flattering effect" isn't really much of a story, so it's hard to see why the News of the World is quite so exercised that Kylie has chopped bits out of her In Bed With Madonna clone White Diamond. But exercised it is:

Our source said: "In one of the cut scenes Kylie's boobs are on display as she gets undressed.

"No scarring is visible because she had clever reconstructive surgery after the partial mastectomy to remove her cancer. But she was extremely unhappy about its inclusion in the final edit so it got chopped."

When the Screws was making up this quote for its source, you would have thought they'd have at least had the grace to not use the phrase "so it got chopped" in a sentence about the after-effects of a mastectomy. Not that we think the reconstructive surgery is the real motivation for Kylie axing this scene - isn't it more likely that she didn't want her breasts in the film and a constant stream of "Kylie Minogue naked" websites.

This bit, though, is an eye-opener:
Kylie also ordered interviews with her old Neighbours co-star Jason Donovan, 39, to be cut from the White Diamond documentary — because she can't stand him.

To us, this sounds like exactly the sort of claim which results in a small apology of the "we now accept this isn't the case and apologise for any embarrassment caused" buried on page 64.


karlt said...

Jason Donovan is apparently in Nottingham this month signing copies of his autobiography- I'll ask him!

p_to_p said...

karlt, please don't - you'll only encourage him.

I wouldn't be surprised if she can't stand him. Fifteen years on and he's STILL bleating about their relationship to anyone who'll listen.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Jason's the one with the partner and kids and Kylie's the same sad tart going from bed to bed though isn't it?

I know which one I think has got it right - and it certainly isn't old botoxed Minogue.

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