Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Madonna hasn't used her special powers

Madonna's "spokesperson" has denied that her boss has used undue influence:

“The plans to finalize the adoption of Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s son, David, are proceeding as outlined almost a year ago … There has been absolutely no interference with Government Officials or use of Madonna’s ‘celebrity’ to speed up this adoption as reported.”

We suspect this might be Liz Rosenberg, who, of course, told the world there wasn't going to be any adoption while Madonna was already measuring children to see which would fit the family photos the best.

We could be generous and accept this statement at face value, but if it's true that Madonna and Guy have followed the standard adoption procedures that anyone in Malawi would have go through, how does that square with Madonna's claims in interviews that there were no rules, and she and the good officials of Malawi had to "make them up as they went along"?

It's all very confusing.

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