Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So, it's on, then: Led Zeppelin have confirmed a one-off reunion - apparently they wanted to get in before Blue stole their thunder.

It's part of a memorial for Ahmet Ertegun; it also provides a platform for Havrey Goldsmith to bang on about ticket touts again. The idea is that this time, touting will be beaten through a lottery system, with Goldsmith promising that "multiple applicants" will, somehow, be weeded out. We're not quite sure how Goldsmith can tell between two people with different names, and one person using different names, but doubtless he'll have a scheme.

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eyetie said...

Applicants will be asked to send in photocopies of their pension books. As every pensioner only gets one of these, that should help maximise Harv's profits, sorry, prevent touting.

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