Sunday, September 09, 2007

TAM Commandments: 8. Amphetamines are where it's at

These Animal Men did like to talk about their drugs, and the pop papers - aware you can't have a proper scene without a drug of choice - were keen to try and link the idea of the New Wave of New Wave to speed. The band's only halfway decent song contained one of those drug references which the band hope are "buried" enough to be missed by the radio programmers but are actually so obvious they might as well have done a chorus going "we like drucks! we like drucks!"

Still, it's only fair to let them have an entry in a weekend of videos inspired by their commandments - so, here, from the Caitlin Moran/Collins and Maconine/Vaughan fronted Naked City, is Speeed King (followed by Too Sussed, which you might consider a bonus.)

[Buy: Come On, Join The High Society - complete with "This Is The Voice Of Youth"
Part of TAM commandments weekend]