Saturday, September 15, 2007

Taping Travis

Fran Healy is, refreshingly, taking an anti-Prince stance, happily ensdorsing fans who tape their stuff when they play live:

“From a purely selfish view it helps me. I can go onto the internet and check out a song - at any given time you have 100 amateur cameramen taking a picture of your show from a variety of angles.

"It's a great way of finding out what works and what doesn't. The quality may not be great, but you get the vibe."

Of course, this means we're heading towards an internet in the future which has everything Travis has ever done, and nothing Prince has ever done. Is that what anyone wants?

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p_to_p said...

Not me.

I've got a couple of DVDs from the "Later..." series and in my more wistful moments, I like to think that whoever was responsible for the track listing was making a case for everything that's brilliant about British music and everything that's shite about it by programming The Fall and Travis back-to-back (the dirge-like "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" directly following the magnificence of "The Blindness") but I guess it was probably unintentional.

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