Saturday, September 01, 2007

Twenty Years On

Dedicated to Tony Wilson, and worth your attention: Little 015 - NineteenEightyySeven. Nineteen bands from 2007 doing 19 tracks from 1987. One each, of course, it's not 361 tracks. Amongst those taking part are The Leatherettes and Beki & The Bullets; amongst the acts being updated are A-Ha, The Vaselines and - eek - Men Without Hats.


Lulu said...

It's a gorgeous little album! It even nearly convinces me that other bands can cover The Smiths... although it's still the case that just because you can, doesn't mean you always should...

simon h b said...

There are some other okay Smiths covers. The Ukranians' What Difference Does It Make, for example.

I suspect we might disagree on the merits of The Boo Radleys' The Queen Is Dead, though

Lulu said...

Oh how right thou art. The Boo Radleys even cover their own songs badly.

Thom Cuell said...

Hmm, I never knew it was dedicated to Tony Wilson, and I'm on it! Still, I suppose FLA has a bit of the Factory approach to contracts etc.

Can I take this moment to plug the Billy Ruffian version of 'Hip to be Square'?

Also, there was an event in Manchester over the weekend at which 'music from the Tony Wilson era' was to be played. According to the organisers, this era covered 1950-2007. I think they're playing it quite safe, by merely using the whole span of popular electric musical history as their basis.

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