Saturday, September 01, 2007

The recent stuff, it's unsurprising, Pete

Pity-me indie boy Pete Doherty has been bemoaning the fact that Kate Moss doesn't like his work:

The people that I thought I was in love with, they've never been a big fan of my music."

Which makes you wonder what she was doing singing on the Babyshambles album if she didn't like it much.


Lulu said...

Interesting use of the plural there, Pete. Kind of implies that no-one he's ever been out with has liked his music. Which really does beg the question - why on earth were they going out with him then? His money?

(Also implies he should go out with an NME "journalist", as they're creaming themselves over his new "work.")

Anonymous said...

what about Carl?

Anonymous said...

I'd quite like it to be a Carl reference...

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