Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unwanted returns: Blue

Having discovered that, individually, nobody is that interested in them, Blue are hoping that getting Blue back together might allow them to make some ready cash in time for Christmas.

No word on what they're planning to do, but we'd suggest they look at trying the hand carwash business.

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James said...

I'm sure I've said this before, but isn't it time the government put some sort of time-limit on band reunions? Once they were a special occasion, right up to (and including) Take That. These days though, every sod and his dog seems to be reforming, to dwindling public interest (All Saints, Five, Steps). Obviously the Spice Girls seem to be doing better, but then they were huge.

The reunion is becoming devalued. One day soon it'll be factored into new pop-groups' business plans ("We'll make a loss on the first three tours but we'll make it back on the reunion concerts two years after you split. It'll be huge, Cathy Dennis is already working on your comeback single").

By the way, it might just be me getting old, but are Blue going through the pop-group life-cycle at five times' the normal speed? I remember seeing the video for their final single 'Curtain Falls' - It was the group in a hotel room, watching old tapes of their auditions and promos, having a jolly good chuckle at how much they'd changed. However, they'd only got together about two years previously, and consequently they ALL LOOKED THE SAME.

It was like me taking a photo of myself on a digital camera then showing someone the screen and guffawing "Hahaha!! Look at that outfit!!! What was I thinking?!"

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