Monday, October 08, 2007

Doherty didn't try to die

Well, you can imagine our surprise at the Johnny Headlock/News of the World claims of Pete Doherty suicide attempt being so rapidly and firmly denied by Doherty's people. Why, it's almost as Headlock was an unreliable witness or something.

Even more interestingly, Doherty's manager is denying Headlock was Pete's minder. Like, for some reason, they were undergoing a swift distancing campaign.

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Anonymous said...

he was 'minder' in the same way johnny rotten and ian dury had minders. i.e, big talkers to stop pete getting knifed in pub toilets basically. nothing official about it at all, ever. he hasnt been on the scene for months now either, but at one time he was close to certain memers of the band. until he started trying to beat up their fans that is.

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