Friday, October 05, 2007

Howard won't stand by himself

We're amused by the idea of Howard Donald ruling out a Robbie Williams style solo career:

“I could never do what Rob has done and get up there on stage by myself.

“I’d be terrified. I’m nervous enough as it is with the other lads around me.

“The idea of going solo fills me with dread — that’s why I never really had a solo career when Take That split up."

Now, we could have sworn the reason Howard never "really" had a solo career after the That went down was more because nobody was interested in the prospect. Or perhaps that's what Howard was frightened by.

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Chock said...

Actually, there was a glimmering hope of a solo career. Back in 1998 I was a Sound Engineer, and I assisted on a remix of a Howard solo demo.

Strangely, I can still remember some of the words: "We've got love/to the power of two/something kind of wonderful/just me times you". It was very heavy on the Maths Metaphors.

It sounded better than those lyrics would imply, but wouldn't have really done much I guess.

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