Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Led Zep fans give Goldsmith grief

The jump-through-hoops rules being slapped on Led Zeppelin tickets by Harvey Goldsmith are having something of a backlash. Although Goldsmith likes to portray himself as on the side of fans, the need to provide identification at the door to freeze out people who've bought their ticket codes off touts has created a hive of pissed-off people.

As one points out to Gigwise, turning people away at the door actually hurts fans who were so desperate to see the band they paid over the odds, rather than touts, who have already banked their cash.

And Goldsmith is singled out for more complaints:

While in a direct letter to Gigwise, Led Zep fan Felix Carassco who has bought a ticket code, said: “I find it a disgrace that Harvey Goldsmith is going after the real fans after he is only selling 10,000 tickets for a 20,000 seater arena. I am sure that the other half will be going to his company and friends and a good few thousand ‘guests’!

“I hope that you can start to suggest that he does something about tacking those selling the codes and not those buying them!”

It's also not clear what he's going to do if everyone who turned up refused to show their ID - would he really send the fans away and make led Zep come back in an empty room?

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doktored said...

erm? everyone gets to buy two tickets each? that is why 10000 emails were sent out... no?

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