Thursday, October 04, 2007

Things get worse for Britney

Just when it seemed that Britney's life was bumping along the bottom, bodyguard-turned-turncoat Tony Barretto has filed child abuse allegations with the state of California. They're now going to be followed up.

By the way, MTV News team: you might want to try reading your reports aloud before posting them:

Barretto claimed he saw Spears do drugs on two occasions: once at a nightclub, when he was holding a curtain to make her area private

He was making her area private? We know she's got form for going out without knickers, but even so...

Still, while she has social workers crawling through her house, it might prove some consolation that her comeback has - in some measure - worked with Gimmie More bouncing in at number three on the Billboard charts. It's unclear if that chart position was quite worth the trade of her soul, her dignity and her sanity; it's also not certain what she has left for the album.

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