Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beyonce goes west

Beyonce is, apparently, working on an album of country & western music - a shrewd move, as it's a huge market. But who would you call if you wanted to crack into that particular niche?

Amanda "You're Beautiful" Ghost, apparently. Which, given there are hundreds of people working in country who know exactly what they're doing, seems to be a strange move - like deciding to do a rap album and calling in Noel Gallagher to help. Still, it does allow entertainment uberfuhrer Victoria Newton to give the story a headline:

You're Bootyful, Beyonce

- which puzzled us for ages, as it sounded more like she was going to be helping out Bernard Matthews and his brutalised turkeys.

But Newton's got more where that comes from:
I DIDN’T have it down as her destiny, I must say.

Destiny, you see. Like Destiny's Child.
It looks like dancers will be soon shaking their booty to her hits at line-dancing clubs rather than nightclubs.

And I’m sure the chaps will be Crazy In Love with the idea of Beyonce in cowboy boots and tiny denim shorts. Yeeha!

Crazy In Love... you see? That was one of her songs. You notice the way it got wound in so subtly?