Friday, November 16, 2007

Buddy, can you spare Britney a dime?

Catching the mood of America as the economy slowly erodes, Fox News worries that even celebrities are going broke:

Michael Jackson knows this story all too well. He's defaulted on a $23 million loan, and if he doesn't pay the full amount — plus $212,963.83 in interest — by the end of January, he could lose his beloved Neverland Ranch.

Twelve years ago, the female R&B group TLC was also forced to file for bankruptcy, despite selling a staggering 23 million records.

Britney may not be far behind. Court papers show that she spends $102,000 each month on entertainment, gifts and vacations. Her monthly clothing bill is a whopping $16,000 — $1,000 more than she forks over for child support.

On the other hand, every time someone drops a bit of one of her songs into a news report on Britney's troubles, it helps her make the rent for the month. Indeed, she's probably making money off the reports of how broke she is. You've got to love capitalism, haven't you?

One question remains: How much would the clothing bill be if she was buying underwear as well?

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karlt said...

You've got to love Fox News- the way they can somehow equate ordinary Americans trying to cope with an economy going down the gurgler, with the sort of vapid fuckwits who can spend close to 10 grand a month on clothes. "About to lose your home because you bought a sub-prime mortgage and didn't read the small print? Spare a thought for poor old Jessica Simpson, who may have to buy ordinary cotton bedding".

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