Saturday, November 10, 2007

Courtney Love shares her views

Courtney Love has posted a new MySpace blog entry. It's as long as one of Stephen Fry's, although lacking something of his focus. And eloquence. And grasp of grammar and punctuation.

Still, we discover the "new album" she's working on is the tightest, and apparently Dylan influenced:

got the dylan songbook wich i shouldve got two mnillion years ago theres 784 songs in there looking atthe polpular songs ( ima dylanogilist) ) and went DUH
tahts how he does it
i have my little secret dylan obscure song and ive never covered him tho iwas green w envy when PJ pulled off Hiughway 61

Then - presumably remembering she's on the internet, she decides to tell us what she's wearing:
im ina robe right now Auntioe Stevie gave me its so what youd expect its mad eof a piano shawl and long whiote silk fringe, i like collecting certain little treasueres from the rock fgoddesses rthatare my elders, i got a loose 2000 year old mens white t shirt from Patti , a pair of boots from Marianne, that i had doubled for Larry Flynt and somehow i endxed uo witha pair of tan Leather Pants of Pallenbergs and mroe new 80s kieth richards paise3ly shirt from the 80s, ( wich it wa sthe 60s) maybe they ar etotems, in any case we have the mist amazing arrangement for my secret dylan song and ive never done it coew ive bnever had the band with the right chops genius or taste and by staying small just the 4 of us and chris( of chrios clasic wich we revistited last night but i dont think chris wants his song fucked with much so itllw ait til i can get to its original form it really is a tight dong the way i had it i mad eit poppier)

We got lost round about trying to work out how she doubled boots for Larry Flint, to be honest. It's slightly creepy to discover that Love goes around taking clothes from other female rock stars - it's a bit like a cross between What Not To Wear and Sylar from Heroes.

Then, Courtney moves on to business:
and i had business to do ytoday too as my best friend just mysteriously betrayed me in th emost treachourous agonising way iveever had it in the back= i agree with nothing exceptt hat we get along great aznd that creatively we might me goods together- but if i cannot trust someone - if theyve abused the thing im most angushed scared and helpless feeling about how oir why shoudl or could i do something further with them? i hope it gets fixed cos love is forver and thats why it hurts so much that this was domne to me= the probelm is this person thinks everyones GREAT and i live in fucking LOS ANGELES and i liocve is a SHGARK POOL and have scammers and rip off artists and fucking eviul a dsfuck motherfuckers ina nd ouyt of my life regularly and my protections are supposed to be rottwiler tight and if they are not then they need to change- i trust and maybe the lesson ios - too much and depend a little too much- but im an artiost so unless i go get economic tiutorials from a genius why cant i find honesty when it comes to business in some areas?

DEAMND paper on everything
legibel all sneaky bits up front
force people to signa contract of your making
so im agonised and hurt , beyond what i can express and i express it publically because imn SICK of it so sick that im not trusting anyone withjout paper paper apApr graphs and accountibility - and if you ever see a real estate or other cobntract getr some one with an mba to give you a WRITTEN cliff notes of the sneaky bits and fuckings your getting an dthen you can negiotiate-=

Perhaps, Courtney, it's because you ask for the "cliff notes" on contracts - rather than reading them - that you get fucked over? Although we love the idea of someone asking for an explanation in writing of the contract they've just been given in writing - presumably seeking a contract about the content of the contract?

Courtney wants to be more like Madonna in business, it seems:
but im icy ssad- madonna is a great business woma but come on she s weak as an artista nd we akl lknow it- i like madge - but as a relevant musician - its a joke shes singing from such a calculating thought out place all the time its never from her gut or heart or intuition so maybe it sounds great an dis slick and you can hum it -discxo n dance it but ambitionand sass and shrewd does not equal great art- hard work and major dsicipline doesnt equal great art and all of those are great things- i covet thenm i haVE great disciplne and i do work like a bionic thing.

Courtney Love accusing Madonna of being a "calculating artist". Was this the woman who once directed a video by yelling "tits, tits, tits!" at the camera crew?

And, yes, Courtney - sweet, dressing as Donald Duck, running naked down the street during a Q interview, throwing bottle-and-punches Courtney Love - did just claim she has "great discipline."

There's then a bunch of pieces about knives in her back and how she'll prevail, before we get to this:
so onto LESBIANS viva! contracts that i write zAnd create and if not obeyed there are built in penalties.if ethics are breached then i automcatrucally get to take money from your account tp the amount you took from me and its all legal.

thats the last time that happens to me, its actually greta i dont have anyone telling me to keep thieves and douchebags on my employ long after my gut says that guys a n incompetent fuck and imn never wrong

She appears to be saying that lesbians have stolen her Vauxhall Viva, and that she gets a big cash bonus as a prize. Possibly.

We hope she didn't write the contracts (zAnd create them!!!111!) during the same session she was on the MySpaces.
i have a huge pile of crytslas in this jar teh big piece of obsidian wich is supposed to reveal the evil you do not suspect in your life and it has done its job yes i am a crystal magic person.

what magazine even? i read a black book. me an dthat editor got soem shit to straighten out- i was perfectly nice to hiom an dhe hasnt been rude to m,e ...yet but i think someone told hima truly ridiculous outlandish lie and i just wanttostraighten iot outit samusing and i lik ethe city guides and read nylon - yep theres rilo dammed kiley- and a new bag designer jsut what the world needs!
of that trendy magazine collective isnt dfazed and confised and V Still the best ones?

... and Courtney will be back with a look at the other newspapers just after midnight.