Saturday, November 10, 2007

Battle of the rock theme parks

Rock music had got by for half a century without any support from the theme park industry. Not anymore, though, for even as the ground is being broken on the Hard Rock Theme Park, a rival attraction is being planned for Eloy, Arizona.

This is Decades, where the rock-fun will be grouped into themed areas based around, well, decades:

Named "Decades," the park would feature themed rides and attractions nestled in decade "lands" — the '60s would reflect the British Invasion and Motown influence whereas the '80s would emphasis the music-video age.

Aha, so managing to turn the place's one possible saving grace as a fun destination for all the family - a place where generations can come together and share their music - into a place where the different tiers of family will want to go to "their" part of the park, leading to rows, misery and sulking.

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