Saturday, November 10, 2007

Does Michael Grade know Cerys Matthews' dark secret?

The final line-up for I'm A Celebrity has been more-or-less confirmed, and, yes, Cerys Matthews is onboard.

Cerys Matthews FHM coverThat makes two bad ITV shows in a year she's done, following her participation in the Challenge Anneka 'charity-ish' album project. Now, the thing about Cerys has always been that she's done surprising things, and often pulled them off - the opinion dividing FHM cover for example, to say nothing of the duets with Tom Jones and Aled Jones. And it would be churlish to only applaud someone's 'sod it, let's try it anyway' approach to life when it results in catsuit photoshoots and surprisingly attractive cover versions.

What does irk, though, is that she's pulled a tour to go off to the "jungle" (where 'jungle' is a TV set in surburban Australia).

Also going in is Malcolm McLaren, the man who invented Johnny Rotten and J from Five. J, clearly, is hoping that he'll be able to pull of the trick of H from Steps and actually get people to realise that he's got a name rather than just a letter; McClaren, we fully expect to be honking on about how the whole thing is beneath him in a matter of hours.

The rest: Anna Ryder-Richardson (who was Wonder Woman to Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen's Superman on Changing Rooms); Rodney Marsh (footballer pundit who enjoys a chuckle at a natural disasters and not a stretch of Kent); John Burton Race (apparently in catering); Gemma Atkinson (who we only know of from men's magazines so we assume she either once kissed Callum Best or was in Hollyoaks, or both) and - somewhat winningly - Janice Dickinson and Lynne Franks, which is like Patsy and Edina but in real life.


Simon said...

"here's another annoying question for you Cerys: are you going to the jungle?

"Everyone asks me this," she says, irritably. A tabloid newspaper reported as fact that she was going to be on the next series of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! "It's not a fact," she says grumpily."

Anonymous said...

"Also going in is Malcolm McClaren, the man who invented Johnny Rotten and J from Five."

Did Malcolm really invent J too, or are you just missing a comma?

Sorry, but if you are going to be pedantic about everyone else's comments. Live by the sword and all that :)

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Simon, it's a fair point, but against the 'telling the Independent a month ago she's not going' there's 'telling the Western Mail today she is':

Anon - fair cop. There should have been a comma. But I like the implication I created inadvertently.

Anonymous said...

If we're talking about being pedantic you need to do a little basic research and revise your statement RE: McClaren's invention of Johnny Rotten.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...


It's a reference to the never-ending circling of Lydon and McClaren both claiming to have been the essential spark for the UK punk scene. It was only there to goad old punks.

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