Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mills "goes it alone", supposedly

In a bid to continue the pressure on Heather Mills, The Sun is claiming she's going to represent herself in the divorce.

Well, almost claiming:

HEATHER Mills was last night planning to represent HERSELF in the divorce court after her lawyers dumped her.

Lady Mucca, 39, wants to portray her bid for a £50million payoff from Sir Paul McCartney as a “David and Goliath” battle, it was claimed.

A source said: “Heather reckons she can go for the sympathy vote by painting herself as an impoverished young woman fighting a rich old man.”

Even by the standards of a story that runs on twenty year-old porn photos and made-up friends, this is pretty weak. The paper can't even be arsed to suggest there's any substance to it by giving background for the source, lending further weight to the suspicion that it's a "source close to the person writing the story" than someone who's anywhere near the Mills camp.