Monday, November 19, 2007

Heather Mills new PR regime kicks in

The world snickered slightly when Heather Mills announced that, henceforward, her public image (between bouts of stage-school sobbing on the GM-TV sofa) would be in the hands of Comtesse Michele Elyzabeth, a "self-styled French aristocrat".

But she's already working wonders already, telling an American paper that, erm, Heather was unhappy with the discount Stella McCartney gave her in the shop:

Michele said: "Stella told Heather she'd give her just 10 per cent off at her London boutique. And they were related."

This seems to be an attempt to deliver on Mills' claims that Stella did "evil, evil" things. Oddly, though, it might seem to fit more with the negative view of Mills as a grasping woman who was out for ever ten bob note she could make from her marriage.

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