Saturday, November 10, 2007

Leading questions from 3AM

They had to ask, didn't they?

What's even better than Boyzone reforming for next Friday's Children In Need event?

Hmm... rubbing chilies into your eyes? Dysentery? a feature length episode of Birds Of A Feather? Almost anything at bloody all?

The 3AMies have a different answer:
The fact they're sticking together for a tour next year!

This is a rare example of asking a rhetorical question and then getting the answer wrong.

A Boyzone "insider" has revealed the surprising news that their "one-off reunion" was nothing of the sort:
"Originally, they were just going to reform as a one-off, but the public demand has been massive. The boys just can't believe it."

No, nor can we. Nor can we.

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James said...

"The public demand has been massive"? Eh? Public demand for what, exactly? I could understand citing this if they'd played a one-off concert and tickets had sold out in three nanoseconds. But they haven't actually done anything yet, beside announce a TV appearance.

Maybe the 'insider' somehow found out that there'd been unprecedented numbers of people putting a big red circle around Friday's 'Children in Need' in this week's Radio Times.

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