Thursday, November 08, 2007

Macca's new friend: It turns out she's evil

Blimey, it didn't take long for The Sun to fall out of love with Nancy Shevell, the woman who Paul McCartney has had breakfast, nudge-nudge, with.

From somewhere, a twenty-year-old allegation that her father may or may not have paid some money to the mob has been dredged up by the paper. There was a lawsuit in 1988, but since that was settled without anyone being convicted of doing anything wrong, the Sun falls back on this powerful piece of evidence:

[Mike Shevell] operates from his HQ in Elizabeth, New Jersey – setting for The Sopranos TV show.

Aha. From the same state as fictional mafia characters. That's pretty compelling evidence. In the same way, of course, The Sun has its offices in London - setting for The Master's psychopathic attempts to take over the world. Makes you think, eh?

Presumably at the moment someone is trying to work up something that combines Mafia with the Mucca-Macca model.