Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mann in suit

Terra Firma's EMI has drafted in music industry polymath Billy Mann to try and bring some experience of actually making music onto the board.

While that's a smart move - Mann has a strong track record of songwriting, producing and even a spot of music journalism under his belt - some of the other new faces on the EMI board are a little surprising. John Birt is there, as we mentioned before, with a special brief to explore how EMI treats its artists (and, presumably, to put the fear of god in them) and so too is Mike Clasper, who until 2006 was in charge at BAA and, thus, ultimately to blame for the godawful state of the UK's main airports.

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Guy said...

Smart move by EMI to appoint Mann who knows the industry from the bottom up - and, all importantly, the key US market too. Good luck to him!

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