Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You'll have to decide how much of this one to believe for yourself

The Sun returns this morning to its pictures of Paul McCartney kissing a US Republican, telling us that it ruined Heather Mills' day:

HEATHER Mills was in a “blind rage” yesterday over The Sun’s photo of Sir Paul McCartney kissing a millionairess.

She rang Macca for a showdown, claiming their daughter Beatrice, four, recognised him on our front page with lawyer’s wife Nancy Shevell.

Really? Heather Mills, who last week was on TV on both sides of the Atlantic fuming at the way The Sun publishes misrepresentations and lies has the paper delivered, and shows it to her four year-old daughter. Someone's telling porkies; it just doesn't really matter who as all parties are erratically unreliable.

The Sun also makes room for this:
HEATHER took Beatrice to Disneyland Paris at the weekend — and saw a show about witches.

Dad-of-two Chris Owen, 28, of Derby — who snapped them with a minder — said: “They were watching the Pink Witches and laughing.

“Heather filmed with a video camera. They had a great time.”

They run a picture, although clearly they're aware this is all a little pointless, as the picture doesn't get the "Our LAWYERS ARE WATCHI1NGG!!!1!" treatment. Did they solely put this in the paper to get with word "witches" in the same sentence as Heather's name?

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