Monday, November 05, 2007

MTV launch new channel

Coming on November 8th, a new channel from MTV which is full of tatty programming rather than music shows.

We know, that actually sounds like MTV (or MTV1, as it calls it), but this is a different channel. It appears to be calling itself MTV ® - MTV Registered Trademark, in other words.

Or, rather, MTV Rated and Recommended. Although that would surely be MTV R and R?

The broadcaster said that MTV R, which launches on November 8, will offer viewers "an opportunity to enjoy the iconic shows that made MTV famous".

Sfunny, we could have sworn that the "programmes" which made MTV famous were, um, programmes showing music videos. There's no indication who exactly provides the "recommendations", but...
Content on MTV R will include the first and second series of Newlyweds, Cribs, Laguna Beach and Pimp My Ride.

After dark the channel will offer up a selection of stunt-based shows, in the shape of Jackass, Wildboyz and Viva La Bam.

Other rated and recommended programmes on MTV R will include Punk'd, The Real World and My Super Sweet 16.

... clearly not anyone who likes television.


faf said...

And how is this different from regular MTV?

ian said...

So MTV Repeats then?

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