Monday, November 05, 2007

In Rainbows: one-third paid

The first really solid information about people paying for In Rainbows are in - and that's solid as in a sand dune, which might give way at a moment's notice, rather than solid like a foundation. ComScore reckons 62% of downloaders opted to pay nothing, with - interestingly - 12% of downloaders paying half of all the monies received.

In other words, this could be seen as a socialist event: from each according to his abilities; or you might choose to paint it as a situation where some people support the others.

Radiohead have made just over two and three-quarter million dollars on these figures; but, obviously, still have the physical monies to add in to that before deciding if it's been a costly stunt or a neat moneyspinner.

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Francis said...

Can I see what's coming here? Now that Radiohead have published figures for their experiment, the next band that tries it can play their fans with the "let's show them that we're bigger than Radiohead!" angle - encouraging the fans to dig deep in order to prove how dedicated the fanbase is.

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