Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pete and Amy: who will be the worst influence?

Pete Doherty, now he's merely Kate Moss' ex, has found a new way of keeping the papers interested in himself, by chatting about his good mate Amy Winehouse:

“I speak to Amy almost every day.

“She just wants her man back for Christmas. They are desperately in love.

“One good thing is that Blake has got clean since he has been in prison. It’s been quite an awakening.

“Amy stopped doing everything since he went in. "

Ah, yes. The cleaning-up powers of British prisons. You'll recall how Pete Doherty successfully kicked drugs during his time inside, of course.

Funnily enough, Doherty was in court himself yesterday, explaining away how he was busily doing drugs while on a court ordered clean period which, of course, he managed to do.

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