Thursday, November 08, 2007

Presumably Peaches Geldof was busy?

Times are tough at the BBC, but not - apparently - so tough there's not money for Lily Allen to make a programme about social networking:

The audience will be made up entirely of Allen's online friends, while viewers will present parts of the show and put questions to celebrity guests.

Guests will include chart-topping bands and unsigned acts.

An entire audience of people who are Lily Allens "friends", eh?

I suppose the desperate bid to turn a TV programme out of new technology makes this the 21st Century's Buzzfax, although that Teletext-based entertprise had a slightly more charismatic presenter.
BBC Three controller Danny Cohen said: "I'm delighted... she's one of the hottest acts around and an important voice of her generation."

An 'important voice of her generation'? Really, Danny? Obviously, everyone is valuable in their own way, and everyone's voice is important, but is Cohen really suggesting that Allen is, in some way, a Che Guevara for the Heat Kid Generation they might want to ask the Secret Diary Controller to come back and suggest to Danny that it's time to step down.


James said...

Does anyone know of an internet-related TV show that's actually worked? They always seem to fail because of their very nature (Channel 4's 'DotComedy' springs to mind). Most consist of Photoshops, animations and films that have already been in everyone's inbox by the time the production team have had time to decide whether or not to include them. 'Totally Viral' on UKTV Dave can be fun to watch after a bottle of wine on a Friday night, but that's usually more for the novelty of seeing a B3ta cartoon on the TV screen rather than the laptop.

The problem is that the internet is very fast, whilst TV is soul-crushingly slow. You can have an idea, put it together, publish it on a blog and have people's feed-readers alert them to it in the space of five mintues. TV on the other hand has a thousand layers of hell for that same idea to struggle through, with any idea which survives the trip being completely rewritten by the time it lands onscreen.

Having said that, if the Lily Allen show ends up as a 21st century version of 'Nozin' Around', I'm in.

Random R&B Bitch On The Hook said...

is allen's real-life interactions with her online friends going to be along the same lines as her online interactions with her online friends? allen will say something like "just came bak from japan!!!! saw kasabian, their fucking empire in there own words!!!!" and her audience will respond with a cacophonous gaggle of stuff along the lines of "OMG LILY I LOVE YOU YOURE AMAZING AND PRETTY" and "WHEN R U COMIN TO PHOENIX"

simon h b said...

spot on, Random - and each programme will open with Allen withdrawing everything she'd done in the previous episode "cause I was really stressed out and never meant it".

James said...

I reckon 'Friend of Lily Allen' could be a helpful euphemism for someone with a less-traditional attitude towards grammar.

"Simpkins! I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. This presentation you wrote is in perfect English with no irritating abbreviations, smilies or strings of ten exclamation marks after each sentence. I'm amazed - The rumour in the office was that you were a Friend Of Lily Allen..."
"Really? Why on earth would people think that?"
"Well, it might be the way you decorate your emails with animated backgrounds and can't complete the simplest of tasks without updating your 'status' afterwards"

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