Thursday, November 08, 2007

Still making excuses: Babyshambles rally round

Talking to the NME, Drew McConnell knew who to blame for Pete Doherty's "relapse". Not Pete, it turns out:

"We heard they [The Sun] were going to run a picture the day before, but I assumed it was going to be dug up old footage," McConnell said.

"When you've just come out of rehab and trying to stay clean with all your might, then some cunt comes round your house with a bag of stuff and a cameraphone, it must be hard to stop yourself."

Well, yes: after an addiction, you do have to cope with temptation. But Pete had been giving interviews basking in his new-found clean status, and however cruel bringing him into contact with temptation quite so sharply was, as Bragg once said 'a virtue never tested is no virtue at all.'

More to the point, according to The Mirror, (with all the scepticism that implies) Pete has actually been enjoying an armful since he got home from court. Regardless of the presence of "cunts with cameraphones" or not.