Saturday, December 29, 2007

Allen refuses to be a role model

In the latest slurry of confused thinking from Lily Allen, she's - supposedly - turned down an offer to "design" a range of maternity wear because she's "not the best example":

"I've had a lot of offers from people to do my own maternity range but I don't think it is the right message to send to young Britain. I'm not the best example. I'm pregnant and a bit young, aren't I? My demographic is generally young girls, so I don't think a maternity line is suitable. It isn't the best impression to give them."

This seems to imply that Allen thinks that you're not setting an example until you've been paid to do some work - so, the actual pregnancy is neither here not there, but the kids won't be affected providing you don't pop up doing a photo shoot in Top Shop.


Anonymous said...

What about JOE DOLAN!

Olive said...

Joe Dolan's range of maternity wear will be in H&M early in the new year. Hope this helps.

Laura Brown said...

I was going to question Allen's claim that 22 is "a bit young" to be pregnant, but I checked the statistics and, what do you know, she's right. She's more than five years younger than the average first-time mum, according to the ONS. Mind you, if she really thinks that's such a bad thing, it's not like she couldn't have prevented it.

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