Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chip off for old Bloc

Bloc Party have, they reckon, tried the dance thing on their recent tracks, but are now heading off in a backwards direction:

They both agreed that their latest single Flux has taken them off in a new direction, Matt admitted: "I think one crucial thing about that song was it was radically different from anything we attempted before and I think it was important in terms of opening up... broadening our horizons".

Kele added: "Flux isn't an indication at all about the next record... The important thing about this record for me was that it showed we could do anything we wanted, we weren't going to settle for being any other guitar band of 2007. Luckily it was successful."

Having found they can do anything, it sounds like they might not bother using these newly-developed powers:
Matt was quite pointed about what he would like to see happen in 2008: "I want to have more songs like Banquet..."

Once around the Bloc again, then.