Friday, December 28, 2007

Gordon in the morning: Genius steals - and Doherty thinks he's a genius

To be fair, Gordon's column this morning does lead with a fairly alright-of-its-type slushy Rhys Ifans/Sienna Miller story - apparently Sienna's having an "age crisis". She's about to turn 26.

Even more surprisingly, there's a strong, almost journalistic piece, which reports that Pete Doherty seems to have lifted lyrics for a track on Shotter's Nation from a song by the Britanarchists. Oh, and the song, Baddie's Boogie, might also have had its music ripped off from Babyshambles' Mik Whitnall's former Ferryman bandmate Wayne Kenyon.

Now, it could all be down to coincidence, or maybe even homage. But Babyshambles' people seem to be somewhat reluctant to discuss the issue.

So, yes, two actual stories in Bizarre. Wonder if Gordon's on holiday.


James said...

Nah, he probably just asked Santa for them (Santa sadly being unable to provide Gordon with the first thing on his list, i.e. Girls Aloud in the order Gordon specified)

Anonymous said...

the ferrymen, on their website, don't seem to be quite as vitriolic:

"'Undercover Elephant' has been turned into the classic 'Baddies Boogie' by Babyshambles as Mik Whitnall who stood in on bass for a few gigs with us is now their guitarist."

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