Saturday, December 08, 2007

No O2 Doh show

Thursday night's NME-thrown secret gig for Babyshambles fans was a bit of a disaster, with Doherty not showing up and being replaced by a fan.

So far, so unsurprising.

The official explanation was more interesting:

Pete had apparently been diagnosed with "exhaustion" after a "punishing promotional schedule" which involved a mag photoshoot.

His spokesman added: "He's still attending a rehab programme, which he had to follow whilst on tour and has to travel hundreds of miles back home after shows. As a result, touring is more arduous for him than normal."

Even the 3AM Girls aren't going to fall for that. Since he's been on his rehab programme for quite a while now, wouldn't he have been aware of this when he signed on for the gig?

Not to mention how it's a problem to play a gig at 10pm at the Millennium Dome in the east of London, but somehow his rehab programme lets him visit Amy Winehouse at four in the morning in the east of London.

Oh, and Mik Wittnall didn't show up, either. Was he also tired out by having his photo taken?

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Anonymous said...

i love how gordon thinks they played the actual dome, to 'thousands' of people, when in fact, it was a competition gig for 300 people in the side room, as the beeb points out.

also, i find it funny that no one has linked this to the story of him being beaten up by a dealer a couple of nights ago. bruised ego perhaps?

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