Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gordon in the morning

So, what has Gordon got on his mind this morning? There's a long, dull piece about some footballer or other who's involved with Danielle Lloyd, which is notable only for Gordon's finish:

I don’t see the attraction with Danielle Lloyd - she just has NOTHING about her at all.

Although enough to justify several hundred words, lots of photos and a lead story in your column, we notice, Gordo.

Gordon also fills space by ("makes space for") running several pictures from Jordan's calendar, which is a wonderful piece of journalism as it involved, erm, buying a calendar that's been on sale since the first of October and copying the pictures; and reporting that Mel B has worn a fairly tight t-shirt. It gives Gordon the chance to vary his limited vocabulary for females breasts - apparently Mel B has "Eddies":
well, he is a tit

Subtle, Gordon. Very subtle.

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Linderman said...

Never posted before but just seen The Sun have a section on the website called 'MOST READ STORIES' - of which right now three of the top four are the ones you've mentioned:

Jordan is tied up for calendar
Mel B's busting out of her top
Liar, witch and the wardrobe
HandWAGs at dawn for Lloyd
I'm a Celeb ... get me upstairs

It's not my thing, but at least you have to admit this guy knows his readers.

On that note isn't 'Sun writer pens smutty story, Sun readers enjoy said story' - a bit of a nonstory?

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