Monday, January 07, 2008

The Christmas Number One, 2008, starts here

Oh, god, already the jostling has started for a Christmas number one.

Now, we've a lot of respect for the team at the Salford Lad's Club, and the work they do. But their plan to reunite The Smiths to record a song for fundraising is a little upsetting.

Never mind the problem of getting Morrissey and the rest of the Smiths in the same studio while Joyce is still suing Mozzer, of course. Let's imagine the band are reunited - something of a dream/nightmare scenario for Smiths fans, of course. What will they be recording?

The song of choice is The Associated Youth Clubs of Manchester's very own anthem 'Ending Youth Struggle', which [club treasurer Mike] Scantlebury suggests could be re-written as the 'Trendy Youth Shuffle'.

Trendy youth shuffle? Really? You wait twenty years for a Smiths reunion and they're going to be trotting out a Chicken Shack style 'young folks aren't all glue sniffers' anthem. Could it get any worse?

Erm, yes:
[T]he club hopes to create a Manchester supergroup including The Hollies and Herman's Hermits.

So, the historic prospect of a Smiths reunion, only with Peter Noone sharing vocals with Morrissey. It's like getting The Beatles back together, but with Atomic Kitten doing half the verses.


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