Monday, January 07, 2008

Even more gloom for EMI

Of course, with only three albums in the shops so far, it's a little early to start speculating about what Coldplay might do after completing their current EMI contract, and while it's possible that Coldplay consider quitting label stories are part of a strategy to negotiate a better deal, but even so: the company's ability to mislay its big hitters is starting to look like a massive faultline. With Terra Firma promising even less to spend on marketing in future, EMI is starting to look more and more like it's turning into a business managing back catalogue than one releasing new music.


Anonymous said...

Oh please, it's soo obviously a ploy to get a better deal for renegotiation. They'll be signing 80 million pounds contract pretty soon.
Maybe there's also an element of jealousy to all the credits Radiohead is receiving right now?
Chris Martin wants to be Thom Yorke so bad, it's like, hey, we can be badass and anti corporate too! We are not bland! At all! We are just as revolutionary as Radiohead! And we sell more records! We are the biggest band in the world! And the best! And the savior of rock!

simon h b said...

Yes, like I say, it might be a ploy in negotiations. But even if it is, that they've picked up a stick to beat EMI with is still bad for EMI, isn't it?

ian said...

you see, this is the problem with the bloody interweb. Now Coldplay can threaten to walk out, and release their album on the interweb, whereas before, they could threaten to walk out, and we could all organise a giant street party celebrating their demise.

the man who said...

Ian, are you a 'House' fan by the way (interweb)?

I have to say, coldplay is sitting pretty right now, they are probably EMI biggest selling artist, and EMI would not want to risk looking more stupid by losing them too.

But it also smack of a little desperation on coldplay's part to seem as cutting edge or whatever as radiohead.

Hey, now that EMI is no longer 'subsidising' radiohead (what EMI claimed when they turned down radiohead supposed request for 10 million pounds), maybe they can sign multimillion pounds deal with coldplay.

ian said...

I take it you mean the Laurie TV programme, not the music, but "no", either way.

Coldplay certainly are sitting prettier than Tony Wadsworth, who was the UK boss of EMI...

keith rozencraft said...

Heh heh, "leaving" is such an overused epheumism for '2 seconds away from getting fired, thus resigning to keep a nice, clean CV'.

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