Sunday, January 06, 2008

The song is sung

Some sad news for indie music - Sing Sing has called it a day:

Things have been changing in our personal lives in very significant ways so we haven`t had much to report bandwise...

Until now that is....

After 10 mostly very happy but sometimes very difficult years we have decided to `call it a day` (i.e. end) with Sing-Sing. In 2006 Emma moved to Brighton, East Sussex where she is involved in music publicity and last year Lisa wed her long-term partner Run Wrake, moved to the Kent countryside and is enjoying her new found freedom as a mum and freelance graphic designer. Even Mark van Hoen, our erstwhile producer, is moving to the USA later in 2008.

So we leave behind 2 albums `The Joy of Sing-Sing` (2001) and `Sing-Sing and I` (2005) and many singles. If you haven`t got the full set most of you can buy everything on iTunes now (remember to search for `Sing-Sing` with the hyphen). We do still have physical stock in our shop and we do need to clear it all out before the end of January so please take a peek and take advantage of our mad sale which will end on January 31st (link on the left of the page).

The website will also be shutting down at that time but we are going to leave our myspace page up for information and contact.

From the last 10 years, people we would like to thank especially are: -

Alan Moulder, Andrew Pettitt, Audrey Riley, Brendan Bourke, Brian David Stevens, Brian McDonald, Bunny Schendler, Charlie Pritchard-Williams, Darren Groucutt, Denis Blackham, Jorge Martinez, Kieran Evans, Marc Geiger, Mark van Hoen, Mel Brown, Michael `Shifty` Scrivens, Mig Morland, Poppy Gonzalez, Ray O`Neill, Rich Holtzman, Robin Guthrie, Rodger Smith, Russell Yates and Tim Keegan

plus of course everyone who sent donations to us over and above what we asked for with the selling of our CDs. We honestly could not have done it without you. We were a true DIY act in the end and our friends and fans were our most important assets.

In fact, thanks to everyone who have supported us since our first record in 1998. Yes, that long ago - where has the time gone?

As for the future musically? Well, never say `never`...... Emma has some plans regarding her next move so if you are interested in that then please subscribe to our mailing list as 2008 might have something very exciting in store.

That`s all folks and our very best wishes for 2008!

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