Friday, February 08, 2008

Bedingfield: Cockneys aren't normal

We presume - we hope - that Natahsa Bedingfield was talking about exaggerated voices on records when she suggested cockney voices aren't normal:

"When I was in England last year it was all about girls with Cockney accents - Lily Allen and Kate Nash. It's all inspired by people like The Streets and Dizzee Rascal.

"I liked it but I'll be happy when normal voices come back."

Although Allen and Nash don't have cockney accents anyway, do they? Aren't they more estuarine?


Laura Brown said...

I can attest that Kate Nash's accent is pretty typical for North Harrow (which is not by any stretch of the imagination within Cockney territory).

I've always thought that Lily Allen very blatantly sounded like a posh public schoolgirl trying to talk like a chav. I've heard her slip up occasionally in interviews.

Olive said...

Lily Allen, or 'the reverse Eliza Dolittle' as some wag referred to her.

flotsky said...

Normal singing voices? Like her brother's voice on his biggest hit?

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