Saturday, February 09, 2008

Camden Market is on fire

BBC news is reporting that Camden Market is on fire, with eight engines in attendance.

[UPDATE: 9.40pm - BBC News 24 now reporting 20 engines; spreading to another building; London Ambulance say no injuries]


James said...

"Revellers from local pubs and bars have been moved away from the danger area, where flames are leaping up to 30ft in the air. Crowds have been dispersed because of fears there may be gas canisters within the area."

*scrolls down*

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ian said...

Oh that is convenient for the proposed redevelopment, isn't it

leonrad said...



i smell bullshit

sircam said...

I have too agree too camden think that people are 'getting in the way' I bet they plotted t

Anonymous said...

Oh grow up! The people who will profit from the fire are the comp[anies that own the site - not the council.

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