Thursday, February 21, 2008

Daily Mail: it's about the skirts and thugs

While most people's reaction to seeing Amy Winehouse look almost human on-stage was one of relief, the Daily Mail was not so soft as to fall for that sort of thing. This morning, the paper barks:

And at the end, she yelled: 'Make some noise for my husband Blake'. A reference to her incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who has been remanded in Pentonville prison on charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

We love the way they explain carefully who Blake is, in case you've not heard of him before.

This looks like they'd left some space open to run a 'Winehouse collapses on stage/ doesn't show' story, and had to fill it with whatever was to hand.

The rest of their coverage is of the red carpet:
Girls Aloud won the fashion honours at the Brits last night as they sashayed down the red carpet in a selection of daringly short skirts.

That Kimberley was wearing a skirt down to her knees doesn't seem to have bothered the Mail team.

The boys, meanwhile? Why, they were typical:
DJ and producer Mark Ronson looked typically immaculate in black tie dress while singer Mika arrived in typically flamboyant style wearing a silver jacket.

Typically so.

And you know who else was there? Some people who have sex with footballers. The Mail can barely contain its excitement:
The outright winner of the contest to find the shortest, tighest, most revealing outfit was Liverpool football star Peter Crouch's girlfriend Abi Clancy, 22.

Oh, and apparently Paul McCartley or someone was also there.


sven945 said...

I'm confused by Leona Lewis's caption on the Mail's site.

Shoeless: Diva Leona Lewis stunned the B... bla bla bla... That Nick Griffin's a jolly nice chap isn't he? Damn immigrants

There appears to be no mention of the state of her footwear, nor any photos showing her feet at all. Yet they see it fit to tell us that she's apparently not wearing any shoes.

Anonymous said...

Today I've seen the Brits reported across the media, and invariably the focus has been on skirt lengths and dress designers.

It's a sad reflection on the state of today's society/media/music when at the country's (apparently) premier music awards ceremony the clothing is more important than anything else.

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