Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Drumkit, set it up, packet of three

I don't understand. I've tried to make sense of why anyone would bother to market a range of condoms under the name of Marky Ramone but... no, I don't understand. Not even Joey, mind. Marky.

I'm not sure I'd trust Marky Ramone to save me a seat on the bus, never mind saving me from syphilis and unwanted pregnancy, and I can't imagine that anyone who is sexually active would place a Ramones drummer above the London Rubber Company as a quality mark.

How did it come about? Did Marky always have a desire to see his name on a Johnny? Or was it someone at Ready 2 Go, the company responsible, getting back the testing reports think "the best way to target these new condoms at the market would be, um, getting a fifty something punk replacement drummer in to use as the brand champion"?

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Mikey said...

What? Not one 'Johnny Ramone' gag?

Come on Simon. make the effort. Don't you want Gordon Smart's job?


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