Thursday, February 07, 2008

Girls Aloud take a shot at... who, exactly?

We're not so sure that the target of Girls Aloud's Hoxton Heroes is entirely who DigitalSpy seem to think.

The 'spy reckons:

Girls Aloud mock indie bands on new song

But do they?
'Hoxton Heroes', the B-side to the group's new single 'Can't Speak French', features the lyrics: "You're off your face like you're number one. How many tracks have you sold? Hmm… none."

It continues: "Just 'cause your dad knew the Rolling Stones... don't kid yourself, you're an indie clone."

The line about 'your dad knowing the Rolling Stones' would seem to apply less to people in indie bands, more at people whose fathers might have been popstars on the scene themselves. Perhaps, you know, in The Boomtown Rats, or maybe in Rod Stewart's trousers. Don't you think?

[Thanks for the link to Michael M]


Simon said...

Perhaps "it's anti-indie" was what Xenomania said when they convinced the girls to record a song laying into showbiz column-hungry perma-clubbing fameseekers.

Woozyfly said...

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