Monday, February 18, 2008

I predict a pouty sulk ill-disguised as good natured joshing

Most of the right-thinking world was surprised that the Kaiser Chief's Ruby made the longlist for the Brits single of the year. Ricky Wilson, though, was more surprised that it didn't win through to the shortlist:

"Apparently we were in the nominees and then (someone handed me a piece of paper) with five nominees and we were not in there. Everyone knows Ruby is the best single, if you are gonna whittle them down to five, you'd think Ruby would be in there wouldn't you?"

"(The final five have) all got their merits, but I am just a bit annoyed. There is no point making enemies with these people cos they will all be there."

Oh, come on, Ricky - "Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Do ya do ya do ya do ya" - it's clearly something you tossed off in a weak moment. Would you really be able to accept a prize for that without having the weight of it hang on your conscience?

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