Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Sit down, there's some reporting

It's not all writing about breasts, you know: Gordon's actually got a proper, decent story this morning:

COLDPLAY are being paid a whopping £1.2million to play a festival in Japan later this year.

If they gig for 75 minutes on both nights, they will trouser a jaw-dropping £8,000 A MINUTE.

We don't know where he's got the figure from, but assuming it's true and he's not merely dressed up a story he read in Billboard with a made-up figure, the scoop - and the accompanying picture of a very-smug looking Chris Martin - is a pretty solid one.

Of course, Gordon thinks this is brilliant news, and then spends some time getting excited - excited - over the prospect of a new Coldplay album before ending on a weak pun:
They should change their name to Goldplay.

And, with long lens shots of Cheryl Cole's ring finger and Pussycat Dolls in "undercrackers", it's quickly back to business as usual.


sven945 said...

A valid story it may be (I'm shocked too!), but it makes very little sense without any context. I suspect that it's roughly the going rate for any other band of their stature to play two gigs at a festival.

simon h b said...

Good point - after all, Glastonbury do make much of their ability to pay less than the going rate for festival headliners...

sven945 said...

And I seem to remember that in 2004 The Darkness apparently demanded £1m to play Glastonbury (although it was probably a case of Glastonbury asking if they'd play, them saying "we'll do it for £1m", Glastonbury saying "no" then The Darkness's people saying "alright". Or perhaps entirely made up.) then getting that much to headline Reading and Leeds.

Mat said...

They should change their name to ColdPAY.

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