Saturday, March 22, 2008

Houseparty mum no longer blames Tong, Mail grudgingly admits

Considering all the trumpeting the press made when Pete Tong was being blamed for the Bovey Tracey gatecrashed party, it's surprising how little attention has been given to Rebecca Brooks realisation that the problem lay elsewhere. You have to scroll quite a way down the the Daily Mail's latest story to discover this:

Rebecca says: "I did blame Pete Tong at first, though now I realise that it was internet social networking that is the real culprit. It's incredible. I am struggling to comprehend the power of it."

Of course, there's a suspicion that the Mail is running the story again for one reason, and one reason only. Can you spot what it is?
Her mansion was trashed and her daughter paraded as a dominatrix
Standing there in her PVC dominatrix dress, thigh-length boots and whip, Sarah was completely helpless.
Rebecca dismisses criticism of Sarah dressed as a dominatrix, saying it was only a 'costume'
Sarah has been stung by comments that she is attention-seeking (that dominatrix outfit)
"I wore a nun's habit at my 16th party, so it seemed a nice contrast to dress up like a dominatrix," she explains.
"As for dressing like a dominatrix, it was a costume for goodness sake. I thought she looked great."
It was all too much for Sarah, who was feeling the full weight of responsibility on her scantily-clad shoulders.

Not, of course, that the Mail is obsessed with an 18 year-old girl dressed up as a dominatrix or anything. It runs a picture of her in the outfit, too, just so that readers who might have missed the mention that she was wearing a PVC outfit in the article itself.


Anonymous said...

*shudder* Wonder if the Telegraph have bought the rights to her official A-Level results-opening photo yet? I can hear the phonecall now; "We were just thinking... A Levels are known for dominating young people's lives, and the results can dominate their immediate future and even be the dominating influence in their future employment hopes... So... we were wondering if you maybe had some sort of outfit which might sum all that up, which you could possibly wear for results day?"

I see the Mail Body Fascism Department are back on the job today too - There's an article suggesting that Simon Cowell has multiple chins, based on a photo of him LOOKING DOWN.

Don't miss tomorrow's big Mail on Sunday exclusive, which reveals that one of thr Sugababes looks like she's piled on the pounds in a photo of her puffing out her cheeks.

Spence said...

Hang on a sec, was she dressed as a dominatrix or something?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I can't be sure. I wonder if we could persuade the Mail to publish a picture that would allow us to determine that...

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