Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jesus meets Ministry

Duane Denison - late of the Jesus Lizard - and Paul Barker - bassist with Ministry have come together to make a new band, USSA. They've got a debut album ready to run - The Spoils - on the new Fuzz label.

Fuzz is interesting - if you'll allow us to quote from the press release:

Fuzz is a new breed of music company -- integrating a next-generation music label, a powerful artist promotion platform, and a feature-rich interactive community that engages artists and fans to promote, discover, share, review, influence, buy and sell music. “With the record industry in such flux, Fuzz is not your average, ordinary label,” explains Denison. “The label is just part of what they do. It’s also a community. You don’t necessarily have to be a ‘Fuzz artist’ to put up a Fuzz page. At the same time, the website advertises for their artists. It’s an interesting collection of people they have working for them – people from the tech world and the music world. To me, that’s what you have to do now.”

It's nice to see people trying something different, although we're not entirely sure if you boil down the overstatement this comes to very much more than a site with a messageboard.

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Ass Hat said...

christ, that's EXACTLY what i want from ministry and the jesus lizard - a "powerful artist promotion platform". some depraved industrial grunge sludge-fests would also be nice.

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